Harley Farms Tour Liability Disclosure

By signing up for a Harley Farms public or private tour, the customer acknowledges that he/she has fully read, understood and agreed to the following:

Harley Farms tours take place in and around an operating farm and goat dairy. The tour includes visiting the goat farm and production area, the hayloft and dining area, the barn, the cheese factory and store, and surrounding grounds. These areas have various equipment, bumpy and uneven walkways, electric fences, and facilities to support these operations, including the presence of livestock and farm animals and older stairs, and structures, and other features that pose HAZARDS AND DANGERS TO PERSONS VISITING THE FARM WHICH CAN RESULT IN INJURY OR DEATH.

In consideration of participating in the tour, the tour customer, with full knowledge of these and other unknown hazards and dangers, assumes all risk of injury to persons and property in or about the premises of Harley Farms, Inc. and will hold and defend Harley Farms, Inc., Deborah Harley, Timothy Duarte and their agents and employees free and harmless from any and all liability therefore, including costs and attorney’s fees.

The tour participant, for himself/herself, waives and releases any claims, demands, suits and causes of action against Harley Farms, Inc., Deborah Harley, Timothy Duarte and their agents and employees, while present upon the premises of Harley Farms, Inc. and arising from any cause whatsoever, including any acts or omissions of the releasees.

The tour participant agrees that any and all medical expenses for injuries occurring upon the premises of Harley Farms, Inc., shall be submitted to their own health insurance plans and NOT to releasees and/or releasees’ insurance carriers.

The tour participant acknowledges that the provisions of this paragraph are contractual and not mere recitals; having been carefully reviewed, considered, accepted and agreed by the tour participant.